Monday, May 26, 2008

Ciao from Salerno

Ciao! We are in Salerno, Italy. I haven't had time to write much, which is probably a good thing, right?! So here are the highlights...

--Four nights on an amazing organic farm in the mountains; waking up to a rooster crowing and the sun bathing the mountainside; meeting many new American, Australian, English, and Italian friends; improving my Italian daily; going on a 140 km/hr ride on the highway over Sora on a Ducati with a Fiat test driver; paragliding through the Abruzzi National Park; horse-backriding and almost dying because my horse thought it would be fun to be un pezzo di merda; learning fun words like pezzo di merda; ANNA!!, our new trilingual, beautiful translating friend; Mollie's willingness to scale a mountain despite her bronchitis; AMAZING pizza in Salerno; gelato three times a day; Pompeii; not eating any vegetables or meat (it's been all carbs, sugar, and dairy in the form of gelato); Italian men that love us just because we're American, despite looking like we crawled out of a sewer; Mollie's new nickname - "Stellina"; scoring a free sweet authentic Italian dinner at a little family restaurant 700 meters above sea level; organic wine; and I miss the farm terribly - it was like a little slice of heaven, and immediately felt like home (Mollie enjoyed relaxing but was getting a little stir-crazy after a few days)...

and the list goes on. I will write more later...maybe much later, but at least you have an idea of what we've been doing!!

We're going to the beach tomorrow and then cooking a pancake dinner for about 10 Italians that speak a little English, then to the island of Capri on Wednesday. We hope to head to Matera on Thursday, and Bari on Friday and Saturday. Perhaps Gubbio on Sunday, and then the rest of our time will be split between Rome and Firenze. Ciao belle!!

xoxo we miss and love you all! m&m

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