Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What day is today??

Using a public restroom: 1 euro
Buying Sue's tablecloth with the limoncello recipe: 4 euros
More bread and cheese for lunch: 6 euros
Paying someone to "drive" us down the hills of Capri because Mollie's knees hurt: 3 euros

Spending the day on the island of Capri: priceless =)

Fantastic day. I look like a little brown acorn. Maybe that's a bad analogy. But I'm as tan as I've ever been in the last twenty years. The sun was strong on Capri, the waves were high, and the water was crystal clear. We wanted to take a canoe to the Green Grotto, but the water was too rough, sadly. So instead, we laid on the beach for about 4 hours and gawked at the amount of butt cracks in Italy. It's really something.

On to Matera Italy tomorrow, where the Passion of the Christ was filmed. Probably won't write for awhile. Miss and love you all.

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