Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have convinced Mollie that a bike tour around Chianti, visiting several local wineries, will be an amazing experience. We're learning to compromise. I eat sugar 6 meals a day, and she agrees to walk/hike/bike a little more. I do all the communicating, she does all the money stuff. We're a pretty good team. We are both really looking forward to the tour, recommended by our friends Shelle and Barry from the farm, and it is supposed to be around 70 degrees tomorrow, so it should be a nice trip! These two Australian guys lead us on bikes, and we stop for lunch at a Tuscan family restaurant. I'd love to bring back some wine and olive oil, but I don't know how that is going to work with the bike...I may just have to drink the wine there and eat lots of bread dipped in olive oil. =)

Thursday morning we head to Rome, and will do some site seeing: Colosseum, Roman Forum etc. Friday, I will try to drag Piccola (the little one) out of bed, perhaps bribing her with gelato, around 6am so we can make it to Vatican City. Maybe we will visit the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain in the evening. We're going to try to see Sex in the City late night if it's in English. And then, I'm outta here on Saturday morning. Tear...

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