Sunday, June 8, 2008

There's no place like home

My trip back was a long one. It looked something like this:

7am: Wake up
8:00: Walk 1.5 miles to Termini with my luggage, take 45 minute train ride to Fiumicino airport
9:00: Wait for three and a half hours til plane leaves
9:30: Get sick of waiting and spend the 10 euros Mollie gave me - all the money I have left to my name (and remember, no credit cards!)
12:30pm: Board plane to London
12:35: Realize plane to London is flying into Gatwick, yet flight from London to Boston leaves Heathrow
12:36: Tell myself not to panic
1:55pm: Arrive in Gatwick
1:57: Start to panic
2:00: Tell my story to a large, obnoxious American in the line going through customs
2:02: Get really angry when he looks down at me, laughing, and says, "Haha! You will never make it to Heathrow on time."
2:10: Go to the exchange desk and ask for pounds for my $4
2:11: Get laughed at
2:12: Walk away with 1 pound, 87 pence
2:15: Attempt to obtain a ticket for the bus heading to Heathrow, despite the fact that I have 1 pound, 87 pence
2:30: Make my way up to "TravelCare", where a kind Irish woman lends me 19 pounds for the bus, and throws in a few pounds for food
3:25: Board the bus to Heathrow
3:30: Start talking to the interesting South African man sitting next to me, which makes the time fly by
4:45: Arrive at Heathrow early, accept 5 pounds from the nice South African man, which enables me to get a real meal
5:00: Check-in, find my gate, and wonder what I am going to do with the next 2.5 hours
6:00: Eat a delicious goat cheese, chutney sandwich by myself
7:35: Board the plane
7:55: Start complaining with the two Scottish guys next to me about the fact that we are still just sitting, because 3 passengers decided not to travel on that flight, and the crew can't find their bags under the plane
9:00pm: Watch "The Other Boleyn Girl" and cry my eyes out when Anne gets beheaded
11:00pm: Watch "Jumper" and nearly break my hair clip from all the anxiety it gives me
1:00am: Watch "The Bucket List"
2:45am: Fall asleep on the bench outside Logan waiting for Mark to come get me
4:00am Italy time - Got knocked over and punched and scratched by the girls =)
6:30am - Fall asleep in my own bed

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