Sunday, June 21, 2009

I heart Le Alpe

I hope Mark will do a separate post on how these last few days have impacted him, and I plan to write more later (we will hopefully do laundry and hang out in an internet cafe tomorrow when we arrive in Switzerland). For now though, a few words. Spending these last few days in the Italian Alps have been surreal. We spent the last two days with Fede and her friends, hiking, singing, cooking, talking, and relaxing, with Le Alpe (the Alps) as our backdrop. I couldn't ask for a better respite. The house we stayed at was situated in an abandoned village, and was built right next to a babbling stream. We fell asleep to a sound that most people need a cd to hear. Truly incredible. I am so thankful for this time, especially because my Italian has greatly improved and I'm feeling more secure about our time in Sicily with my cousins that don't speak any English!!

Tomorrow, off to Switzerland. It's a two hour bus ride from the Aosta Valley. We'll be staying with Stefan, another couch-surfing host. I hear Mark speaking Spanish to the Italians in the other room so I think I'll go... =)

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littlefeet said...

Sounds fabulous! Post photos when/if you are able. How was Ryan Air?