Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We´ve arrived!

We left Newton at 5pm on Sunday, and arrived in Barcelona at 8pm on Monday. What a trip! We had a six hour layover in London so we decided against sleep and went to Windsor Castle instead.

We´re staying in the spare bedroom of a young couple´s apartment in a trendy area of Barcelona. We get lost every time we try to get took us TWO hours tonight. But anyway. Monday night, Andy, our host, took us to a cool tapas place. Tuesday we went to Sagrada Famiglia, and Parc Guell, both homes to Antonio Gaudi´s works. I´m now a huge fan.

Today, we went to the beach where we were accosted by illegal immigrants wanting to give us massages...and Mark and I both gladly took two for 5 Euros a piece. Wow! In the afternoon, we went to Mont Juic, the site of the 1992 Olympics. We saw an amazing Flamenco show. The best part of our trip so far has been a bit unexpected though. Mark jumped a fence into the Catalunya Gastronomic Conference tonight. I couldn´t leave him in there, so I snuck past two security guards and we ate AMAZING food and stuffed ourselves silly with everything from fried calamari to crema catalunya. No one would have noticed we weren´t from Spain, except I had on flip flops and a Red Sox hat, which I ended up taking off. The only downside to the party was that on the way home, which normally should have taken an hour, we walked UP the mountain, instead of down. Two hours later, here we are.

This was done very quickly, but I just wanted to update everyone. Tomorrow, off to Girona and then we fly to Torino early the next morning. besos,

Mark and Megan

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Melanie said...

Megan - there is a great couchsurfing couple in Zurich - probably too late to work into your itinerary, but they may be good for a Swiss meal!? Romy went to Mt. Holyoke and Mercyhouse - we went to Zurich,etc for her wedding last summer! Let me know if you want her info! Oh...and she has a great Swiss blog:

Have fun!