Sunday, June 28, 2009


I mentioned yesterday that we were offered a car ride to Taormina by a woman staying at the Hilton. It ended up great. She drove us right to the farm, Casale Praia. The rooms are simple but comfortable and the owners are fantastic. They are a Finnish mother, her daughter, and her Brasilian son-in-law. There are only four rooms, and it was just opened in May. So we are getting the royal treatment. Sadly, we aren't able to enjoy it fully because we are still under the weather. So what does one do when not eating in Italy? Hmm. We've watched endless hours of Michael Jackson specials on CNN, played with the sweet kitten and puppy at the farm, and slept for more hours than one should sleep on vacation.

We both feel a bit better this morning, but still aren't really eating. We took a walk along the beach this morning (a bit accidentally, since we missed our bus up to Taormina!). It's very pretty. There's not much sand, but rather made up of small rocks. We took a bus up to Taormina, a little town on a mountain with great views. Mark says this is his favorite part of Sicily. We are in an internet cafe now because there are NO bathrooms anywhere, unless you sit down and buy food, which isn't really an option for us. So we figured we'd rather pay to use the internet and get the bathroom thrown in, than pay for a coffee or ice cream we are not going to eat.

We are likely going to change our plans for tomorrow. The journey back to Trapani will be so long -- as short as 10 hours and as long as ??? -- that we may go to Palermo, which should only be about 5 hours away, and stay the night there. We'll take a 2 hour bus to the airport from Palermo, instead of taking a 5 hour train, like we took on the way here.

Internet time is just about up! Ciao!

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