Monday, June 22, 2009

Some Photos

We arrived in Martingy Switzerland at 10am. On our way through the alps, there was a beautiful rainbow. We love it here. Hope you enjoy a few of our pictures.
I heart kittens

Gaudi's apartment

Hiking the Italian Alps with Fede, Anna Rita, Paolo, Giorgio, and Pam the dog

La Plaza Reail in Barcelona


littlefeet said...
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littlefeet said...

Nice photos.Gaudi's apartment is a marvel. I like the Heidi-like photo featuring Pam the dog in place of the requisite goat. Your earlier posts prompted me to look up "couch surfing." Intriguing idea. So nice that you are having such a great adventure. What are people saying about the Iranian election aftermath over there? Do you hear much about it?

Thanks for the vicarious experience!